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Acute Hand Fractures

Hand Surgeries | Hand Fracture Treatment

Acute hand fractures can be defined as broken bones in one of the hands. This incorporates the tiny bones of the fingers (phalanges) and the long bones inside the palm (metacarpals). A broken hand may be the result of a fall, contorting injury, crush injury or through sport injuries. Consult Dr.Pratap Duggirala who is the Best Hand Surgeon in Vijayawada at Pratap Hospitals in Vijayawada.

In majority people, hand fracture will recuperate well with nonsurgical treatment at Top Hand surgery Hospitals in Andhra Pradesh. Based upon the type and area of the broken bone, this may incorporate wearing a cast, brace or straps for a short duration. For more severe Acute Hand Fracture that doesn’t line up properly, Hand Surgeries and medical procedure might be needed to restore the wrecked bits of bone.

Signs and symptoms of Hand Fractures

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Deformity
  • Incapability to move the finger
  • Reduced finger
  • When making a partial fist, the injured finger scissors or crosses over its neighbor

Hand Fracture Treatment

Non-surgical treatment
When the fracture doesn’t line up in a suitable place, the Best Hand Surgeon in Vijayawada can align again the bone fragments by delicately controlling them back into position without making a cut. This is known as close reduction. A cast, brace or splint might be applied to keep the bones in proper alignment while they recuperate. The cast may stretch out from your fingertips nearly to your elbow to help the bones appropriately.

Your Hand Fracture surgeon in Vijayawada will likely request a second arrangement of x-beams around 1-2 weeks later. This is done to guarantee that the bones are recuperating in the appropriate position.

Surgical treatment
Some hand fractures need a medical procedure to realign and steady the breakage fragments. This encompasses open broken bone in which pieces of bone have gotten through the skin. The Top Hand surgery Hospitals in Andhra Pradesh will make a cut to aid the reposition the bone pieces into their normal arrangement. Tiny metal gadgets—like wires, screws, pins, staples, and plates—might be utilized to hold the bits of broken bone in place.

After the medical procedure, you may need to wear a brace or cast for a while to secure the crack. On the off chance that the bone changes position during recuperating, your finger may lose some operation. Your Best Hand Surgeon in Vijayawada will converse with you about when it is time to start exercises and to continue your exercises after a medical procedure.

Top Hand surgery Hospitals in Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Pratap Duggirala who is the Best Hand Surgeon in Vijayawada. He is expertise in providing Hand Fracture Surgery. Doctor provides a good explanation about the diseases and the required Hand Surgeries. The staff of Pratap Hospital was friendly and helpful. Treat all your Hand Fracture discomforts or injuries with the best hand surgery treatment provided by Pratap Hospital.

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