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Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction

The nose is the most noticeable and distinguishing highlight of one’s face. At the point when the nose is seriously harmed by skin malignancy or injury, medical procedure can be performed to fix the nose’s appearance and re-establish its ability to function.

Nasal Reconstruction in Vijayawada is a surgical procedure used to re-establish the structure and function of the nose after a physical issue, medical procedure or cancer. Nasal Reconstructive surgery in AP is an intricate medical procedure, and it is important that a cosmetic surgeon in Andhra Pradesh is profoundly prepared to rebuild this very characterizing feature of the face.

Causes for nasal deformity include

  • Injury/trauma
  • Rhinoplasty surgery done previously
  • Congenital defects
  • Cancer surgery

Healing might be moderate and slow. Patient might have swelling for quite a long time, particularly in the tip of the nose. The final outcome of nasal medical procedure may not be obvious for a year or more.


  • Nasal reconstruction is normally performed with the patient under general anaesthesia. In instance of injury or deformity after careful evacuation of a tumor, the wound is examined thoroughly.
  • The area, size and degree of the deformity is sensibly studied.
  • Small wounds may heal without any surgical intervention. Larger wounds require an extensive, detailed multi-staged plan.
  • The quality and reasonability of the adjacent skin is evaluated for tissue death, presence of scars from earlier medical procedures or radiation treatment.
  • Identification of neighbouring tissue to make a fold to fill the defect is done. This fold is utilized to fix the defect.
  • A fold with comparable texture, shading and greasy gland densityenhances the stylish appearance. These components direct the flap’s type or graft required for recreation.
  • There are different surgical methods in nasal reconstruction which rely upon the degree of defect and the surgeon’s decision.
  • Functional loss, for example, reduced airway leading to nasal block, is likewise adjusted during the reconstruction medical procedure. This ought to be distinguished and addressed before the graft or flap placement.

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