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Nasal Reconstruction in Vijayawada

Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction in Vijayawada is a surgery to restore the appearance and functionality of the nose. Even in the modern world nose is considered, an organ of reputation. If any damage or deformity occurs it results in facial appearance causing irreparable compromise of the social life of the patient.

Loss of some portion of the nose or totality of the nose is the result of

  • Trauma
  • Tumour excision
  • Congenital deformity
  • Revise the previous rhinoplasty

Best Nose Surgeon in Vijayawada

Nasal reconstruction in Vijayawada has developed from defect filling to complete aesthetic nasal reconstruction restoring three-dimensional nose structure. Nasal reconstruction at Nose Reshaping hospitals in andhra pradesh provides an original appearance with functionality. The Texture, and feel of the aesthetic nose are similar to the original.

Consideration before Surgery

  • Patients undergoing radiotherapy should consult doctors
  • Avoid taking blood-thinning medication
  • Avoid smoking
  • Vascular disorder or recent another surgery patient must consult a doctor before nasal reconstruction

In all processes, three-step aesthetic nasal reconstruction is performed.

At first, a part of cartilage from the nose, or ear is taken to restructure the framework. Then chondrocostal graft was harvested and split into two.

In the second surgery time, an inner layer of the vestibule is reconstructed using flaps. Further grafting is done.

In the third surgery, a defat skin of the forehead flap is grafted.

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