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Arm Lift Surgery in Vijayawada

Brachioplasty Surgery or Arm Lift Surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure which aims at addressing the excess skin, fat and toning the muscles in the area between the armpit and elbow. Arm lift surgery in Vijayawada not only helps remove excess fat but also smoothens and evens out the skin which has lost its elasticity. This helps give a much better definition to the hand. Certain factors such as aging or other genetic conditions can play a vital role in the sagging and loosening of skin. On the other hand sudden and excess loss of weight can also lead fat disappearing but excess skin sagging down. The difference between liposuction and arm lift is an important aspect of scar. In Liposuction, there is hardly a scar visible whereas when it comes to an arm lift, a long incision is made as good amount of fat and skin might need to be removed; this in turn leaves a visible scar.

Best Arm lift Surgeons in Andhra Pradesh

As with any surgery, arm lift has its own set of risks such as excessive bleeding, scars, build up of fluids, damage to nerves or nearby tissues. Post operative care must be followed to the core as they are extremely essential in the healing and quick recovery process. Also its always recommended to have a thorough discussion with the Cosmetic Surgeon in Vijayawada regarding what activities can be taken up when and at which day post Arm Lift Surgery.

Make an appointment with Dr. Pratap Duggirala who is the best cosmetology specialist in Andhra Pradesh at best arm lift surgery hospitals in Vijayawada.

Brachioplasty Surgery Cost & benefits

People with relatively flabby and loose skin, Arm lift surgery can give satisfactory results. The tightening of arms is called Arm lift or Brachioplasty. At Pratap Hospital, Vijayawada, an arm lift surgery can be done to give you more youthful and firmer appearance. The benefits of Brachioplasty Surgery include a toned appearance, the ability to fit into trendy clothing, and, most importantly ability to exercise easier and better.

Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery in Andhra Pradesh

  • One can look better in form-fitting clothes after Brachioplasty Surgery.
  • In Arm Lift Surgery both fat and loose skin can be removed.
  • Increased confidence and provides a better self-image.
  • Able to wear sleeveless clothing Once after Brachioplasty Surgery without feeling self-conscious
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