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Botox & Fillers Treatment in Vijayawada

Botox and Fillers are treatments carried to improve a patient’s facial appearance. In Botox treatment, muscles are freezed to avoid wrinkles and creases from a facial appearance by injections at botox therapy hospitals in Vijayawada. In Fillers, the area which has lost volume and smoothness is filled with hyaluronic acid or similar substances. Generally, best skin care specialist in Vijayawada recommends only one treatment at a time. It’s better to always go with Botox first and then after 2 weeks carry on with Facial Filler treatment in Andhra Pradesh for better results.

Facial Fillers Treatment, AP

In Facial Filler Treatment the fillers which are substances are injected in to the skin which are temporarily soften wrinkles. Facial Fillers Injection can be done under local anesthesia and it is completely an outpatient procedure. Botox and Fillers Treatment in Vijayawada usually take up to an hour. One can feel mild discomfort, bruising and swelling in Facial Fillers Treatment.

Who can use it?

  • Patients who are experiencing tight muscles because of neurological conditions
  • Patients with Head Injury, Spinal cord injury, Stroke, Multiple sclerosis are also medicated with Botox treatment
  • Patients also take this treatment for better facial appearances without having any diseases

Botox fillers cost

Sometimes brain sent mixed signals to the muscle which results in loosening or tightening of muscles. Botox injections block the overactive nerve message within the muscles resulting in tight and stiff muscles.

Effect of Botox injections are for 3 to 4 days but physiotherapy can help lengthen the musculature and increase the range of movements. Muscle tightness after certain amount of smoothness remains the same for 3 to 4 months


  • Reduce pain, discomfort, and risk of contracture.
  • Increase mobility, confidence, hence the quality of life

Consult the best cosmetologist in Vijayawada for botox treatment in AP


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