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What is Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

Cheek Reduction Surgery or Buccal fat removal surgeries remove excess fat from the lower cheek as the fat deposition in the lower cheek, and helps to improve the aesthetic appearance of your cheeks.The buccal fat deposits cause the lower face to have a more rounded, “chubby” appearance. Removing this fat results in a more sculpted facial shape, particularly noted in the jawline.

Many people lose their buccal fat pads with age, however, others never lose it naturally. For them, this Cheek Reduction Surgery can increase the prominence of the cheeks, and enhance appearance, increase confidence. The Buccal fat removal surgery is a quick process and it takes less than an hour to complete, and it gives permanent natural results.

Consult Dr.Pratap for cheek bone correction in Andhra Pradesh at cheek bone shaping in Vijayawada

Cheek Reduction Surgery in Vijayawada

Cheek bone is an important aspect which defines the facial features of a person. Sometimes a person might have chubby cheeks which could be advantageous to some however it could look out of proportion because of diminished features in the rest of the face. And the other issue with the cheek bone could be sunken cheeks, it is the opposite of chubby cheeks and can give out a feeling of weakness and sickness. People might want to correct these differences of the cheeks to bring a better aesthetic feel to the face or to correct certain difficulties in functionalities.

Buccal Fat Removal Surgeon in Vijayawada | Cheek Lift Surgery

Chubby cheeks could be due to enhanced cheek bones as well as excess fat in the cheek muscles. Non surgical approaches such as exercises and reduction of intake of certain materials if found unsuccessful, the surgical approach is given a shot. Liposuction or buccal fat reduction is done.

Sunken cheeks might need cheekbone augmentation in the event that the bones are quite deep, in other cases implants or fillers are pushed into the cheek to give it volume and make it look fuller and healthier.

Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal

  • A safe and effective procedure
  • Enhances the contours of the lower and upper cheek areas
  • Permanent results
  • No visible scars

Ideal Candidates for Cheek Fat Removal Surgery

A Cheek Fat Removal Surgery can be customised for every individual. It’s a safe procedure that can be suitable for any healthy adult with chubby cheeks. A consultation with our expert plastic surgeon will determine if you are an eligible candidate. However, in general, you should:

  • Be physically healthy
  • Ideal weight
  • Not smoke tobacco products
  • Have realistic expectations about what the procedure can do

Who Should Avoid this Procedure?

One should not consider buccal fat removal surgery, if they have any serious health problems, have unstable body weight or are obese, or have a thin, narrow facial structure. This procedure can cause narrow faces to look gaunt, especially with increased age.

Before scheduling a consultation for buccal fat removal, research the procedure, and the transformations, and be sure you understand what to expect out of the surgery. Consult our expert cosmetic surgeon in Vijayawada, Dr.Pratap for cheek fat removal. Book an appointment now.

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