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Chest Wall Reconstruction

The chest wall’s main function is to protect intrathoracic organs and respiratory organs. But patients go through infection, trauma, or sometimes treatment of some disease which causes patients to have chest wall reconstruction. Chest wall reconstruction surgery in Vijayawada is a procedure done by best Plastic surgeon in Andhra Pradesh for chest wall repair.

Indication of Chest wall reconstruction

  • Infection
  • radiation injury
  • trauma
  • congenital abnormalities
  • Primary or Recurrent Tumor ablation
  • Cancer

A thorough inspection of the patient’s medical history and health condition is carried out before surgery, as it is major surgery.

Chest wall reconstruction is carried at chest wall reconstruction hospitals in Andhra Pradesh under general anesthesia. The patient goes through 3 days to one-week hospitalization after surgery and several months of recovery.

There are various type of chest wall reconstruction surgery.

The goal of all chest wall surgery is

  • obliterate dead space
  • restore chest wall rigidity
  • preserve pulmonary mechanic
  • protect intrathoracic and respiratory organs and
  • provide soft tissue coverage

It is carried by Dr.Pratap who is well-known for best chest wall reconstruction treatment in Vijayawada aand have decades of experience. Recovery time for chest wall surgery is of several months.

A major advancement in chest wall reconstruction is caused due to introduction of prosthetic implantable materials. Its advantages are; no donor site morbidity, limitless sources, and no operative time for graft harvesting.

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