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Genioplasty in Vijayawada or chin corrective surgery is a procedure done by chin correction specialist in Vijayawada to reshape and contour the chin. There could be a range of problems which could be needing a genioplasty, such as:
  • Chin that has receeded
  • Extended chins
  • Long chin
  • Short chin
  • Asymmetric chin
  • Chin causing abnormal dental bite
A chin correction surgery or genioplasty might be needed to improve the physical appearance of the person as well as to solve any functional issues. A chin correction might need cutting away a part of the chin to reduce its length or protrusion. Chin correction surgery in Vijayawada can also help in correcting asymmetry of the chin or any other congenital defects. In this the chin is cut from the jaw and placed a bit ahead or behind for right alignment. Also chin augmentation is a process where an implant is placed in the chin to elongate it and make it more evident, this not just defines the face but also improved the overall balance of the face. Also sometimes dermal fillers might be used bring about volume to the chin.

Best Chin Reduction Surgeon in Vijayawada

To get rid of double Chin Consult Dr. Pratap Duggirala Ear contour specialist in Vijayawada Best Chin Reduction Surgeon in Vijayawada. To remove excess fat in the chin so that the jaw line appears more firm would require Double Chin Treatment. Double Chin Reduction usually takes 30 – 45 minutes. Genioplasty Surgery is completely a cosmetic procedure and the implants lost for a long time. Types of genioplasty

Sliding genioplasty: In this sliding Genioplasty Treatment, Chin Reduction Surgeon uses a saw to cut the bone of a chin away from the rest of the jaw. To correct a chin deficiency the chin bone is used.

Chin implants : In this Double Chin Treatment the process accomplished via surgery or injection. Chin implants are long lasting and can be used to reshape, push forward or enlarge the appearance of the chin.

How much does a Double Chin Treatment cost?

The cost of Double Chin Treatment completely depends on type of genioplasty, how far the jaw is moving, how big the implant is and other. Book appointment with Best Chin Reduction Surgeon.

Visit Dr.Pratap who is the best cosmetologist in AP at chin shaping hospitals in Vijayawada.

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