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Correction of Square Face in Vijayawada

A square face is when the jaw line brings the entire jaw into a square shape, this usually gives the perception of a very masculine look and women feel intimidated or insecure having such kind of a jaw line. Also in the event that the vertical protrusion is not as prominent as the horizontal jaw line, it makes it look extremely disproportionate. Correction of square face needs precision and expertise which our specialist possesses. This square face can be converted into a slim or oval face through surgical approaches. This kind of surgery can also help correct birth defects or deformations.

Multiple aspects might be included in the correction of a square face, such as suctioning off extra fat from the cheeks to give a more toned look as well as accentuating the nose through a rhinoplasty to bring about more protrusion in the vertical front. A chin augmentation might also be required along with adnan orthognathic surgery for jaw line reduction, all this is done to overall reduce the square jaw and bring about more definition and contour to the face.

Consult maxillofacial surgeon in Vijayawada for square face correction in AP at best hospitals for square face correction in Andhra Pradesh

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