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Crush Injuries Treatment

Looking for Hand Crush Injury Treatment in Vijayawada? Consult Dr. Pratap Duggirala specialist in treating Hand Crush Injuries. A crush injury mainly occurs when a pressure or force is put on a body part. Bleeding, bruising, fracture, nerve injury are the complications of hand Crush injuries. The healing time for Crush Injuries may takes from weeks to months.

Some impact on the body is external, it has nothing to do with lifestyle or body functioning. Crush injuries are one of those. A Crush injury occurs when a body part is exposed to pressure or force without any resistance. Hand crush injury treatment is one of them. Plastic Surgeons in Vijayawada consider hand crush injuries in two types- Minor crush injury and major crush injury.

Minor crush injuries include

  • Finger stuck indoor or windows
  • Mild weight object falling on hand

Symptoms of minor injuries are-

  • Bruises
  • Mild pain or moderate pain
  • Laceration

Whereas major hand injuries occur when the hand face high pressure or force applied for a longer duration. Like in severe accidents.

Major injury symptoms include-

  • Damage tissue or muscle
  • Extreme pain
  • Open wounds
  • Compartment syndromes

Recognizing the danger of hand injury

  • Loss of active range of movement
  • Volar swelling in the hand
  • Profuse bleeding from an open injury
  • Increase in swelling


If a minor hand injury doesn’t have any open wound or severe pain, immediate consulting may not be required. First aid or ice pack will be effective. But for swelling, pain, and immobility of injury then medical attention is a must. Get the Hand crush injury treatment in AP at hand traumatic crush hospitals in Vijayawada

Major hand crush injury treatment

Physiotherapy includes stretching of muscles, hand movements, strengthening of muscles, electrotherapy, etc.

  • Finger splint
  • Buddy tapping
  • Temporary bandage
  • Long-term bandage by immobilizing hand with Plaster of Paris. This is used mostly for fracture fingers or hands
  • Fasciotomy is a surgery to ease the muscle, nerves, or tendons after injury
  • Open Reduction Internal Fixation(ORIF) surgeryis also used for extremely urgent cases. It includes holding bones in position with help of metal plates, pins screws, or rods

Crush hand injury recovery time is 1-2 for small to 3-12 months for major ones like ORIF surgery.

Consult Dr.Pratap who is the Mangled hand injury specialist in Vijayawada at hand injury hospitals

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