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Dupuytrens Contracture

Dupuytrens contracture is a situation in which fibrous tissue develops in the palm of the hand and connects to the tendon sheaths, hauling the fingers in near the center of the hand.

The condition isn’t always usually painful, however it makes it harder to use the arms. The signs and symptoms can range from mild to severe. Symptoms broaden steadily over several years. The primary sign is mostly a tender lump in the palm. There may be some pain initially, but this usually goes away. Hard bands of tissue may also arise, and it will become tougher for the person to stretch out their hand.

Despite the fact that the bands might also resemble cords or tendons, the circumstance does no longer contain the tendons. Scarce dimples or lumps can also occur in the palm, and the skin may also crease over these. The contracture will typically pull one or greater of the palms in toward the palm and make it intolerable for the man or woman to increase them.

There’s no permanent remedy for Dupuytrens Contracture. Treatment is generally not necessary in cases wherein the contracture is mild and does not stop someone from doing normal daily activities but, treatments are available for people with severe symptoms. Consult Dr. Pratap Duggirala for best treatment.

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