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Ear Contour Correction

Correcting the deformities of the external ear is known as ear contour correction or otoplasty. The patients require ear contour corrections because of congenital (microtia, anotia) or trauma (Accident, blast). So, in such cases, the Ear Lobe Correction surgeon improves the appearance and contour of the ear by reshaping, moving, or completely creating an external ear with help of the cartilaginous framework of the pinna.

Otoplasty Correction Hospital in Vijayawada

Top Ear lobe Correction Clinic in Vijayawada is Pratap Hospital. Dr. Pratap Duggirala is a certified surgeon to Ear Contour Corrections at affordable cost. Ear Reconstruction is minimally an invasive surgery. To improve the shape, position or proportion of the ear the otoplasty correction will be suggested

Severe congenital diseases are

  • Microtia- undeveloped ear at birth
  • Anotia- Absence of external ear
  • Almost 5% of people face protruding ear problems

Preparation For major surgeries

  • Avoid eating 8 hours before surgery
  • Drink fluid before 2 hours of surgery
  • ¬†Bath to be taken the night before surgery
  • Prescribed medication should be followed

Ear Contour Correction Surgery is mainly performed in 3 techniques and general anesthesia.

Group I- Leave intact cartilage support-framework of the ear, and reconfigure angle and distance of pinna.

Group II- Cut and remove excess cartilage from the support framework of the pinna and remold, reconfigured, and affix to the head projection distance and angle.

Group III- Combine the excision of the cartilage portion. to reduce the degree of projection

Otoplasty Correction Recovery Time

One can immediately observe the changes both in shape and position of your ears after Ear Contour Correction Treatment. Otoplasty correction nearly takes up to 8 weeks of time for fully set in and heal. In most of the cases the patients of Ear Contour Corrections can return to work within one week of surgery.

After surgery

  • Avoid heavy eating
  • Prefer soft and easily chewable food.
  • Follow medication
  • Avoid exciting activities like jumping, running, skipping, etc.

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