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Facial fractures are the broken bones which may occur anywhere on the face. This encompasses the nose, cheekbones, the region around the eyes and upper & lower jaw. Facial Surgery had to be done for facial fractures in case of an emergency.

Causes of facial fractures

You can break the bones in your face in many ways

An individual can break the bones in your face in many ways. Most of the time, they are because of some type of facial trauma such as sports injuries, motor vehicle crashes, falls or fights or domestic violence. Sometimes, they occur due to the weak facial bones by the dental procedure or condition.

Symptoms of the facial fracture includes pain, swelling, tenderness or bruising.

Facial fractures treatment

Doctor may prescribe pain-relieving drugs or oral steroids to ease the swelling. If there is a high risk of infection, best doctors for facial fractures Vijayawada might advise antibiotics.

Generally, the fractures can be treated by performing the closed reduction or an open reduction. Closed reduction means to reset the broken bone or bones without the surgery whereas open reduction is the surgery that needs a cut to reposition the fractured bone.

In case of complex fracture with multiple broken bones, reconstructive surgery is needed.

Type of Facial fractures treatment in guntur is based on the location and extent of the injury. Facial fractures are treated with the aim to restore the normal appearance and function of the injured regions.

Life-threatening conditions like airways blockage, cardiac problems, brain injuries, nervous system injuries have to be treated immediately.

Note by Pratap Hospital

If you experience facial broken bone, it’s imperative to contact your doctor at facial fracture hospitals in Mangalagiri. If the breaks are severe, they might lead to long term problems. Facial fractures are treated by team of experienced doctors.

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