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Forehead & Scalp Reconstruction

A surgery done to remove the defects of the forehead or scalp is known as forehead or scalp reconstruction(reduction)in Vijayawada respectively. It is classified under type of cosmetic surgery. The causes for this type of surgery are defects because of trauma or tumor removal. As well as genetic disorders during pregnancy also create scalp and forehead defects.

Scalp Reconstruction in Vijayawada is classified as:

  • Local Flaps- Rotation, Transposition, and Advancement
  • Small pinwheel flaps- Two and three flaps

Reconstructive Option of Forehead are

  • Local
  • Regional flap

Thorough tests and patient history is done before forehead or scalp surgery as they are considered in major surgeries.

Reconstruction follows the procedure as

  • Granulation
  • Primary closure
  • Advancement and rotation flaps
  • Skin graft and free flap.

The Final combination of procedures depends on wound depth, location, and skin laxity.

The surgery is carried for 4 to 12 hours approximately and the patient is under general anesthesia. A patient can return home after few hours of surgery. The wound takes 2-3 weeks to heal in general but for extra depth wound, it takes additional 1-3 weeks for recovery.

Care to be taken after surgery

  • A regular visit to plastic surgeon in Andhra Pradesh as prescribed for observation
  • Following the instruction of Dr.Pratap.
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