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Heel Pad Avulsions

Heel Pad Avulsion Surgery in Vijayawada

Partial or complete tearing of the heel happens in circumstances such as road accidents. Crush injuries to the foot are related with heel pad avulsion injuries. In some cases, heel pad avulsion is related with skeletal injury. The heel pad avulsion injuries can be fractional or complete. At the point when the heel cushion tissue is avascular (lacking blood supply), avulsion is supposed to be finished and requires the evacuation of complete tissue and reconstruction with soft tissue flaps. On account of partial avulsions, the sensation is flawless, and heel pad is practical and require debridement and reattaching the flap in position.

Treatment options

Heel injury treatment in Vijayawada is given to recuperate the soft tissues of the injury site, making the fractures stable and to forestall the muscle imbalance.

  • ¬†Antibiotics: If the heel pad avulsion is in the underlying stage, then, at that point your specialist may prescribe you to take antibiotics that incorporate third-age cephalosporin. Your heel injury specialist in Vijayawada may likewise recommend sufficient analgesics to soothe pain.
  • Debridement and wound lavage: If the avulsion is serious, debridement is done. Your specialist will do out the strategy utilizing surgical blade or scissors to cut the dead tissue from the injury. Debridement and lavage ought to be performed quickly to clean the injury forestall contamination.
  • Skin graft: They are utilized when the avulsion is restricted to non-weight bearing space of the heel pad. They don’t endure weight bearing and shearing forces well.
  • Flap coverage: It is fundamental for long haul stable injury coverge. This is performed by a local, microvascular free flap or a cross leg fold.

Types of surgeries

Basic stitching to reattach the heel edges isn’t suggested as it might cause expanded injury pressure that outcomes in wound breakdown, disease and flap necrosis. The most usually suggested surgical methods for heel pad avulsions include:

  • Use of numerous Kirschner wires (K-wires)
  • Flap coverage
  • Amputation

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