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Hymenoplasty Surgery in Vijayawada

Hymenoplasty or hymenorrhaphy is the surgical repair of a women’s hymen (Hymenoplasty Surgery). The hymen is a thin membrane on the opening of the vagina. This membrane could be torn or broken at any point in a woman’s life, be it during exercise or during intercourse. Little to no bleeding might be noticed during the breaking of hymen. During the procedure of hymenoplasty in AP, the hymen is reconstructed, either using an artificial membrane or by using another part of the vagina to create this membrane. Any residue from the natural torn hymen might need to be removed before beginning this reconstruction. The new hymen is stitched with dissolvable stitches.

Top Hymen Reconstruction Surgeons

Due to the nature of hymenoplasty, it is relatively simple and quick procedure bearing a very low risk of infection or complication. The long term risks from a hymen repair procedure are very low. The entire procedure might take around 1-2 hours and the patient need to remain for a long duration at the hospital. Our Best Cosmetic surgeon in Vijayawada will go through a detailed post operative plan to help them through a quick and successful recovery.

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Here given the procedures to perform Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Basic Technique: In this Hymenoplasty surgery, the remains of hymen can be stitched back together. Within 30 -40 minutes of time the Vaginal tightening Surgery can be done. To prevent pain and discomfort the general anesthesia will be given in some cases. The Hymen Reconstruction Surgeons will then sew the torn parts together.

The All plant technique – The all plant technique of hymenoplasty surgery is completely different from basic technique. In this the remnants cannot be stitched back together. As a part of Vaginal tightening Surgery the surgeon will insert a biomaterial into the vagina and this tear-through material will function as the hymen. Usually this procedure takes 2 hours time.

Hymen reconstruction – In this Vaginal tightening Surgery procedure, the Hymen Reconstruction Surgeons will create a new hymen using tissues from the lip of the vagina. However, this method will require you to abstain from sexual intercourse for a minimum of three months.

Side Effects of Hymenoplasty Surgery

  • Dizziness.
  • Pain beyond moderate
  • discomfort after three days.
  • Unusual or foul-smelling discharge.
  • Intense itching.
  • Abnormal bleeding.
  • Inflammation.
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