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Male Genital Surgery

Male genitals are usually excessively linked with their sexuality and self esteem. There could be times where congenital or hormonal or traumatic reasons could cause issues in the appearance and performance of male genital organs and their sexual performance. These deformities and disabilities play a vital role in the psychological aspects of men. Therefore male genital plastic surgery revolves around cosmetic correction which may also bring about functional improvement of the male genitals. Understanding the patients concerns and ensuring they are able to comprehend the related risks are extremely crucial as sometimes these decisions are purely based on distress. Setting realistic expectations of the outcome and understanding the post operative care and recovery time is necessary.

Get the consultation from Dr. Pratap Duggirala who is the Male genital specialist in Vijayawada for genital treatment in Guntur.

Our best cosmetic surgeon in Guntur has plethora of experience in not just the surgical aspect of it but also to have a thorough discussion with the patient to understand their goals and targets post the surgery. Various kinds of male genital surgery are available and with constant advancement in medical technologies, not only have they become safer but also more effective with a lesser down time. Penile or scrotum related surgical procedures are the most common kinds that are requested.

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