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Maxillofacial Surgery has something to do with the face and front portion of the head. “Maxillo” is a Latin word root that signifies “jawbone.” Therefore, the term “maxillofacial” alludes to the jawbones and the face, and maxillofacial medical procedure is a field of medication having some expertise in treating conditions in this region through surgeries. Maxillofacial surgery is the innovative form of oral surgery.

A maxillofacial surgeon in Guntur is a dental specialist with cutting edge clinical information in regards to conditions influencing the teeth and jaws as well as the bones and soft tissues of the face, just as the preparation needed to treat these conditions carefully and suitably administer sedation. Since the mouth contains the teeth, is firmly associated with the jaws, and includes a vital piece of the face, the term oral and maxillofacial specialist is frequently applied to these experts.

If there is an issue extending beyond the mouth, you may need a maxillofacial surgery. For instance, in the event that you have an anomaly of the nasal cavity, a maxillofacial specialist might have the option to do a procedure to fix it. Maxillofacial specialists in Mangalagiri are regularly called to treat patients who have supported a type of facial trauma. Trauma comprises of an immediate, violent blow that frequently makes bones break and may prompt facial disfiguration. Sometimes, there might be abnormal developments in the space of your head, neck, or mouth. These growths might be benign, which means they are innocuous, or harmful, which means they are malignant.

The Conditions that treated by maxillofacial surgeon are:

  • Bite anomaly
  • Bone-fused dental implants
  • Chronic facial torment
  • Cleft lip or palate
  • Difficult tooth extractions

We have maxillofacial doctor in Vijayawada at best maxillofacial surgery hospitals in Guntur who offer a comprehensive service associated with the conditions of various anomalies of the face, neck and mouth jaws. This includes a routine assessment and treatment for surgical conditions. Maxillofacial surgeons deal with various facial and jaw tumors. They reconstruct them. Different range of conditions are treated that includes facial injuries, neck cancers, cysts as well as infections and mouth ulcers.

Dr.Pratap is the best plastic surgeon who performs best maxillofacial surgery in Vijayawada

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