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Nasal Bone Fracture

Nasoethmoid complex can be thought as the central region of the face beneath the frontal sinus and anterior cranial fossa among the orbits and overhead the hard palate. Nasal Bone Fracture are the challenging most fractures of the facial skeleton that restores properly. The middle feature of Naso-orbito-ethmoidal fractures is to displace the medial orbital rim along with the medial canthal ligament connected. Pratap Hospital is the best reviewed hospital for Nasal Bone Fracture. If you are looking for Best Doctor for Naso Ethmoidal Fractures then book appointment online with Dr. Pratap Duggirala. Hospital offers treatment for Naso Ethmoidal Fractures, maxillofacial, and for broken nose.

Any damages done to this area results in serious dysfunction and malformation. Visit Naso Orbital Ethmoid Fracture Repair Hospitals for best treatment.

Types of Nasal Bone Fracture

Here given the Naso Ethmoidal Fractures types

  • Simple without displacement
  • Simple with displacement/without telescoping
  • Unilateral
  • Unilateral with septal fracture
  • Bilateral
  • Bilateral with septal fracture
  • Comminuted with telescoping or depression.

How long does a Nasal Bone Fracture Repair take to heal?

A Nasal Bone Fracture usually heals on its own within 3 weeks. The patients are suggested to get medical help of Best Doctor for Naso Ethmoidal Fractures if it’s not getting better or your nose has changed shape.

Maxillofacial surgeons in Vijayawada

Best Doctor for Naso Ethmoidal Fractures performs complete clinical examination and analysis for the patients experiencing NOE trauma to evaluate the type and extent of the fracture. The assessment results will aid the doctors to do a patient-specific program to reduce the post-operation complications and restoring normal functions and appearance.

Nasal Bone Fracture Treatment Procedure

  • In the majority of patients the closed reduction of Nasal Bone Fracture can be performed under local anesthesia.
  • As a part of Nasal Bone Fracture Repair in Vijayawada the nasal cavity should be prepared with cotton pledgets moistened in a solution with topical anesthetic with vasoconstrictor.
  • In addition, local anesthetic is injected to block the infraorbital nerve for Naso Ethmoidal Fracture

Make an appointment with the experienced maxillofacial surgeons if you face any falls, accidents or congenital defects etc. We are here to help you.

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