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Nerve Repair, Hand injuries can be the result of nerves being compressed, protracted, or cut off, which can bring about a loss of sensation. You can get the nerve pain treatment in Vijayawada from Dr.Pratap at acute nerve pain hospitals in Vijayawada.

Hand nerve repair procedure is a perplexing and fragile surgery that is performed by nerve pain specialist in Andhra Pradesh to reconnect any torn or broken nerves in the hand. The nerves in our hands start in our necks, passes over the shoulders and into the fingers. There are 3 principles nerves that permit us to detect contact, feel pain and observe cold or hot temperatures, just as revitalize muscles to move our fingers. The three fundamental nerves in the hands are the radial nerve, ulnar nerve and median nerve.

These nerves can get harmed from injury, pressure and different wounds. On the off chance that the damage is serious, making the nerve tear or break, it can lead to loss of motor and sensory functions in the hand, wrist and arm and you will require a medical procedure to fix and re-establish the function.

Symptoms of nerve damage

  • Pain
  • Loss of sensation
  • Hand, wrist or arm sensation
  • Tingling and numbness
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Issues to position the hand properly
If you suffer from these symptoms, book an appointment with nerve pain specialist

4 surgery options involve

Nerve transfer- a flawless nerve is moved over to rebuild the torn nerve

End-end closure – the finish of the nerve is reconnected

Nerve graft – some portion of the flawless nerve is relocated to help rebuild the harmed nerve

Vascularized nerve graft – like a nerve graft, it is utilized when there is no blood supply to the nerve locally.

The hand surgery can be performed either under or general or local sedation. Wide Awake Hand Surgery (WALANT) is utilized which allows the plastic surgeon in Vijayawada to work on your hand while you are alert.

After the surgery

Following a medical procedure at best nerve repair hospitals in Andhra Pradesh your hand will be put in a protective splint to help in your recuperation. You may encounter swelling, numbness, pain and motor and sensory shortages. You ought to completely recuperate from the effects of a medical procedure after a month

Following the hand surgery, you should begin physiotherapy to upgrade your recovery and re-establish mobility. Physiotherapy focuses on restoring of sensory and motor function which is important.

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