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Orthognathic surgeries in Guntur are aimed to correct the issues of the jaw line and chin to enhance not just the appearance but to also improve the functional aspects of it. There could be many reasons why an orthognathic surgery might be required, they could range from trauma and injury causing the jaw to be misaligned or broken, also birth defects or structural formation which might not be aesthetically appealing or is bringing the confidence of the person down, such as an excessive over bite or protruding under bite, having disproportionate contours thereby making one feel conscious. Also, the other medical factors which could suggest the requirement of an orthognathic surgery could include treatment for sleep apnea as an untreated sleep apnea could cause a spectrum of illnesses throughout the body.

Make an appointment with Dr. Pratap Duggirala who is the orthognathic specialist in Mangalagiri at cosmetic hospitals in Guntur

Who could opt for an orthognatic surgery?

  • Non Smokers: Smoking puts an increased risk for any surgery especially the oral and jaw parts.
  • People with tremendous Bite problems, unable to close mouth properly or difficulty in chewing food in the right way
  • People with severely disproportionate jaw line who have tried simpler ways to correct them
Understanding the surgery and having the right outlook on recovery period as well as expected results is extremely necessary for any kind of orthognathic surgeries.
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