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Pollicization is the hand surgical technique wherein a thumb is made from a existing finger. Typically, this comprises of carefully relocating the forefinger to the position of the thumb in patients who are either brought into the world without a functional thumb or in patients who have lost their thumb in trauma and are not amiable to other favoured strategies for thumb reconstruction, for example, toe-to-hand moves. Book Appointment with Dr. Pratap Duggirala

Different cases for pollicization are:

  • Where someone takes birth with a hand having 5 fingers, however the radialmost finger is a customary finger and not a thumb.
  • Floating thumb: this inborn deformity is a hypoplastic thumb without its metacarpal and without the muscles expected to work it. Surgical experience displays that it is ideal to filet its bones out and utilize its skin as spare skin to line the cleft while pollicising the index finger.
  • There has been in any event one instance of pollicising the little finger.
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