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Lower Jaw Correction

Protruding Lower Jaw Correction or Prognathism over development of upper or lower jaw could result in inproper jaw alignment and disproportionate teeth, this can cause an aesthetically odd look as well as can disable functionally as well. In the event that the upper jaw is over developed it could be called overbite or maxillary prognathism and when the lower jaw is expanded or over developed it is called malocclusion. The lower jaw correction surgery helps bring alignment back to the face and proper fit of teeth. It includes making an incision behind the molars and removing the lower jaw and placing it in the new position.

Protruding Jaw Correction in Vijayawada

Once the lower jaw is corrected, the bite or chew capabilities are drastically improved as well as the speech and aesthetic look of the face. It is important to discuss thoroughly with your specialist of the procedure and the expected result. The recovery and post operative care is very essential as the jaw is a delicate part. Usually a jaw surgery takes about 9 to 12 months for a complete recovery. Prevention of prognathism is not something that can be done, it could be genetic or hereditary.

Consult maxillofacial surgeon in Vijayawada for jaw corrective treatment in AP at cosmetic hospitals in Vijayawada.

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