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Skin Grafting in Vijayawada

When a patch of skin is removed from one part of the body and transplanted or attached to another part of the body is known as skin grafting in vijayawada. It involves the removal of dead skin and tissues by replacing them with new ones.

The area from where healthy skin is taken is known as a donor site. It is likely to be taken from parts like the thigh, buttock, and abdomen.

Skin plastic surgeon in Vijayawada recommend skin graft when an individual experience:

  • Burns
  • Infections causing a large amount of skin loss
  • Skin cancer surgery
  • Surgeries that need skin grafting for healing
  • Larger wounds
  • Cosmetic reasons etc

Before surgery

  • Stop medicine that causes a blood clot
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Don’t take any medicine without the prescription of a surgeon
  • Eat and drink as suggested by the surgeon

Surgery is carried under general anesthesia.

It is categorized into two forms

Split thickness skin grafting is where two layers and the dermis layer of the skin are taken from a donor site.

Full-thickness skin grafting is skin grafting where the complete thickness of the skin is required from the donor site. This is carried out is when patients have deeper tissue loss.

Quick recovery is in split-thickness grafting whereas, full-thickness grafting takes 1-2 weeks in hospital.

After Surgery

  • Protect graft from getting wet
  • Protect graft from trauma
  • Get physical therapy is recommended
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