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Facial injuries are rarely life-threatening but are the pointers of the energy of injury. In today’s world, soft tissue injuries have become more numerous and doctors face such problems daily. Soft tissue injuries demand meticulous care and treatment.

Common Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft-tissue injuries types which are encountered involve abrasions, simple/complex contused lacerations (with loss of tissue), tattoos, avulsions, burns and bites.
  • Abrasions: It is destruction of the superficial layer of skin, it is caused by frictional forces.
  • Lacerations: It is the tear or split of skin, muscle, or internal organs produced by the application of blunt force to a broad surface area, which crushed or stretched tissues beyond the limits of their elasticity. They can be split lacerations, stretch lacerations, shearing lacerations, and cut lacerations.
  • Incised wounds: It’s caused by the pressure and friction of any sharp object against the soft tissues.
  • Burn injuries: Burns are injuries to tissues caused by heat, friction, electricity, radiation, or chemicals. Burns are highly painful injuries which require specific treatment as distinct from other injuries depending on the degree of burn.

Soft Tissue Injury Treatment in Vijayawada

Proper assessment and classification of soft tissue injury is the primary step in management. Early intervention and closure of soft tissue injury is associated with optimal functional and esthetic outcomes as well as decreases the risk of complications. Soft tissue injury can be immediately treated in the emergency room as an effort to control infection of the injury.

Soft tissue injury treatment comprises administering the anaesthesia, debridement, and wound conclusion. Wound closure is performed by stitching. Post-operative treatment includes managing antimicrobials, extra supplements, keeping up the dampness of the suturing region, and debridement. Treatment is effective if there are no indications of contamination and dehiscence after medical procedure.


The recovery time of soft tissue injuries take 1-2 weeks or some cases might take 3-4 weeks depending upon the extent of injury.

Soft tissue injuries resulting in loss of tissue must be reconstructed using flaps which may be local, regional, distant, or free microvascular flaps, depending on the type, location, and extent of the injury. Innovative options such as growth factors, stem cell therapy, and bioengineered skin substitutes may be considered. Consult our expert, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon today!

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