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Tendon Repair Surgery in Vijayawada

Looking for the Best Tendon Repair Hospitals in Vijayawada? Pratap Hospital provides Tendon Transfer Surgery at reasonable cost. We are highly specialized in treating Tendon Repair and Tendon Transfer. Our staff will explain in detail the Tendon Repair treatment procedure to the patients. We are one of the Top Doctors for Tendon Transfer in Vijayawada offering world class facilities and latest treatments.

Top Doctors for Tendon Transfer in Vijayawada, AP

A tendon is a rope like sinewy band that connects a muscle to a bone to help the movement during muscle activity.

Tendon repair is the medical procedure to fix a ligament injury. Tendons are intense, stretchy tissues that join muscles to bone. Their responsibility is to permit the body to move and to transfer weight. Ligaments likewise help shield joints from harm.

Tendon transfer is the type of hand procedure performed to enhance the lost capacity of the hand. In this medical procedure, a working ligament is moved from its unique connection to another location in the hand for re-establishing the lost activity.

On the off chance that the nerve that supplies the muscles is damaged beyond the repair, the activity of the muscle is lost. Tendon transfer from a functional region might be done in such cases to re-establish the lost operation.

There are two main types of tendon:

Flexor tendons: These Flexor tendons works on tightening to pull on the bones. An example of using a flexor tendon is when someone makes a fist.

Extensor tendons, Extensor tendons can be used when a body needs to move outward, such as when standing on the toes or straightening the fingers.

Tendon Repair surgery will be required in the following situations
  • A deep cut that severs a tendon
  • An injury from contact sports
  • A tear or injury due to rheumatoid arthritis

Usually there are three stages of tendon healing after surgery

  • 1. Inflammation: Initial days 3–5 after Tendon Repair Surgery, the area may feel swollen while the body works to heal itself.
  • 2. Early repair: After 3–6 weeks of Tendon Repair Treatment, the range of motion will start to return, but the area may feel slightly stiff.
  • 3. Later repair: After 10–12 weeks of Tendon Transfer the swelling will have gone down, and the tendon will be easier to move.
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