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Toe To Thumb Transplantation

Toe To Thumb Transplantation

Toe to thumb transplantation or Toe To Thumb Surgery is the safest and reliable technique to replace in the cases of absent or lost thumb as well as fingers.

The toe to hand transplantation is a strategy to reconstruct on the novel or several amputations of the fingers. It tends to be utilized the entire toe or with specific adjustments as a fold over flap from the large toe or fingertip. It is a generally acknowledged choice for the thumb.It is a progression of patients with removal of at least one fingers of the hand were worked with second toe to hand transplantation or Toe To Thumb Surgery.

The Toe transplantation renders a means for re-establishing a thumb or finger in a solitary microsurgical surgical procedure with tissues anatomically like those lost or missing.

Though it’s tough, these toe transplantation methods can be cultivated by experienced team of micro surgeons with a high pace of achievement. Consult Dr. Pratap Duggirala for cosmetic & Plastic Surgeries.

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