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Vaginal Reconstruction

Vaginal Reconstruction, Woman needs to go through so much in the entire life time. As they arrive at various stages like adolescence, labor, menopause and so forth, there are varieties in weight and physique. Their health starts to change after the child’s birth and afterward obviously during menopause. These conditions lead to the vaginal muscles to lose their solidarity, causes urinary incontinence and lack of lubrication.

These are the people who are eligible for vaginal reconstructive methods.

Vaginal reconstruction implies making another or artificial vagina after you have gone through the medical procedure to eliminate your vagina.

Consult best doctors for Vaginal Reconstructions in Vijayawada.

On the off chance that you will have your vagina removed during a medical procedure, you could inquire as to whether a vaginal reconstruction is possible. The main goal of vaginal reconstruction is to make vaginal intercourse conceivable after medical procedure.

Vaginoplasty Surgery in Vijayawada

During Vaginal Reconstruction in AP, Plastic surgery specialist in Andhra Pradesh utilizes skin and muscle from different parts of your body to make new vagina. The specialist may utilize:

  • a skin graft from the side of your base/buttock
  • muscle and skin from your internal thighs
  • muscle tissue from your lower midsection
  • a piece of bowel

This procedure doesn’t suit for all females and some make the decision not to have this additional surgery.

Recovery may take 3-5 weeks. During the first week, you will probably have to take pain medicine. Smoking can influence your recuperation. On the off chance that you are a smoker, it is ideal to stop two months before medical procedure.

Make an appointment with Dr.Pratap who is the Vaginal Reconstructive specialist in Andhra Pradesh

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