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Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Vaginal Tightening Surgery or Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure to produce aesthetically sexy, slender, and petite labia. Labia is the folding of the skin at the vagina. The anatomy of the labia becomes asymmetric, enlarged, or saggy due to aging, childbirth, etc. Vaginoplasty aids in upsurging sexual sensitivity as it provides greater access to the clitoris.

When is Vaginoplasty recommended?

It is recommended for females with medical conditions such as vaginal laxity (sensation of looseness of the vagina), congenital vaginal defects, and trauma. Some of the reasons include

  • Urine incontinence: During natural childbirth, the baby passes through the birth canal out of the vagina. The muscles of the pelvic girdle are stretched. These stretched muscles cannot recoil back, making the urinary bladder weak and uncontrollable, leading to involuntary leakage of urine- a condition called urine incontinence.
  • For some women, a mild sneeze, cough, or laugh will provoke urine leakage from the bladder. People suffering from urine incontinence cannot hold urine for a longer time in the bladder. A Vaginoplasty will help to tighten the walls of the vagina, thereby reducing the pressure on the bladder, which prevents urine leaks.
  • Improved sex life: A vaginoplasty is an excellent option for women dreaming of ideal sex life. It is difficult to have complete sexual pleasure when the vaginal muscles are lax, and the opening of the vagina is loose.
  • Tightening it up: It is a prodigious opportunity for women desiring to reshape their labia which was in abnormal anatomy due to childbirth, age, or genetic factors.

Benefits of Vaginoplasty:

Vaginoplasty comes with numerous benefits. For patients suffering from congenital disabilities and acquired medical conditions, Vaginoplasty can

  • cure painful hitches while aiding the women to have a full average functioning vagina.
  • It builds greater sexual confidence and gratification.

The procedure of Vaginoplasty:

  • Pre-surgery care:

A month before the surgery, the patients are advised to quit smoking. Smoking can post a negative impact on Vaginoplasty. Smoking reduces blood oxygenation, disturbs blood flow, and decreases the body’s ability to self-heal.

It is taken care that the surgery is scheduled at the end of the menstrual cycle.

A thorough physical examination is followed by counseling, during which the patients are explained the possible risk and complications.

  • Surgery:

General anesthesia is administered to the patient. The surgeon makes small incisions around the labia at pre-determined locations. Excess tissue around the labia is removed, or the edges of labia minora are loosened as desirable. Incisions will be closed using dissolvable stitches.

  • Post-Surgery:

Antibiotics, pain killers, and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, and the patients are advised to complete the course to avoid infection.

Patients are advised to take a shower only after 1-2 days of the surgery and clean the surgical wound area with mild soap superficially.

Care should be taken not to wet or create moisture near the surgical area. Sanitary wipes can be used to clean the wound.

The patients should closely monitor vaginal bleeding. In case of excess bleeding, they should immediately consult a doctor.

A balanced diet is recommended. Smoking or drinking is strictly prohibited, at at-least post-surgery.

Reconstructive Vs. Cosmetic Gynecologic Surgery:

Cosmetic gynecologic surgery is performed to change the abnormal anatomy of female genitalia. In comparison, reconstructive surgery includes the reconstruction of the vagina by tightening up the vaginal muscles to recover its function like normal urination, menstruation, sexual activity, etc.

As the name suggests the surgery is very critical. The patients should opt for the expert in the field. Dr. Pratap is the best surgeon cosmetic surgeon in Vijaywada. With his 15+ years of experience, he is the most talked about a surgeon in the town. He has performed many successful surgeries and helped his patients to achieve lost confidence and healthier body.

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